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February 09 2015

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Blue Ivy reacting to seeing herself on the screen during Beyonce’s VMA performance.


i used to see this gif all the time and i was like wtf that’s a grown woman i thought blue was a baby and now i realize that she’s in the background

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Left Shark ice sculpture.

his impact

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 glow in the light

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I love them both to pieces.

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Studio Ghibli, Mitake, Tokyo. Japan I love you.

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N I C K I   M I N A J  taking over the World  | Mtv EMA 2014 Promo  [x]

this is what a perfect world looks like

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if you see these Argo bottled teas in stores please Do Not Buy them. I work at Argo and we have stopped selling these in our cafes because they are moldy but for some reason have not recalled them from other retailers and they are still being sold in stores. They are moldy. Do not waste your money on this shit. Just don’t buy them. You’ll probably get sick.

i’m fairly certain i got fired for this post so do me a favor and reblog the shit out of it thanks

Oh my god I drank one of those (the ginger tea one) and I though it was supposed to look like that and it made me WICKED sick

fuck this bollocks

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